The BlackBook Mobile

The Black Book gives users an intuitive and fun way to manage their dating scene, and will revolutionize the way people socialize and interact. Whether it’s juggling all the men or women in your life, finding out what other people think about you, or just maintaining your active social life, the Black Book is truly the ultimate tool for the modern day socialite. Use the Black Book with your favorite dating apps to give you an edge on the dating scene.

Apple App Store
Android Play Store
main screen

Access your contacts, calendar, private photos and more


Add contacts from Facebook, Instagram, and existing contacts

contact preferences

Keep track of your contacts preferences and features

rate your contacts

Rate your contacts based on their attractiveness, intelligence, humor, and more

no fly zone

Put contacts in a “No Fly Zone” to block their calls or prevent yourself from calling them

my rating

See an anonymous average of how other people rate you