Heart 911

Heart 911 is the only watch application that monitors and takes immediate action should your heart rate, temperature and movement show signs of an emergency. If the watch detects that any of your vitals have dropped below our predefined thresholds, the app will immediately begin sorting through your contact’s updated GPS signals and alert 15 to 20 of the contacts closest to your location about your situation as well as 911. Not in serious trouble? Simply swipe away the alert message to stop the process and notification to your contacts and 911.

Heart 911

View the Heart 911 app on your smartwatch

Heart 911 Heart Rate

Monitor your heart rate and other important vitals

Heart 911 Dismiss Message

Swipe away unnecessary alerts before the emergency call is made


Access and control Heart 911 from your smartphone


Customize your text to include important information about your health.


Change Heart 911 settings to get the most out of the app